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Mom, mom, mom, mom……MOM!!!!

Dinner, laundry, homework, soccer practice, LEGOs in the nose, poop…the list of things to do seems to get longer and longer.

How about some ME time? We know you want it! Don’t feel guilty. You deserve it, and we’ve got you covered!

Me. is a monthly treat and discovery box for you, MOM. Each box encourages you to take a little time to treat and care for yourself. Me also provides an easy way to discover and support small, artisan owned businesses around the country.

What to expect: 3-6 handcrafted, artisan, made with love items (small to deluxe size samples and full size products) from small businesses delivered each month! Items may include jewelry, fashion, bath and body, health and wellness, yummy treats, and stress busters.

What not to expect
: toys, nipple cream, rash ointment, and anything else that does not make you feel special.

Mom, this box is all about you, period!
Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day every month with Me.

Starting @ $25.00/month (includes $5.00 for shipping)!

SOLD OUT!!!! Stay tuned for more boxes!!!